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Captain Doug >>

Born and raised in the California wine country, Doug has been fishing in the Pacific Ocean and San Francisco Bay for over 25 years. In his teens and early 20’s he continued his passion becoming a certified S.C.U.B.A diver and Dive Master. Needing to branch out he began chasing bigger game like Salmon.  Which eventually lead to Halibut, then Crab and then TUNA! All the while his friends and family acting as crew with big smiles and full limits.


During this time he continued learning. He studied the currents and tides and the way it effected the habits of the fish. He paid attention to the movements of the bait knowing the fish would soon follow. 


He obtained his OUPV Captains License and upgraded his boat to fit the bill. He earned his captain’s license and now has a dedicated following of happy fishermen.  Doug will not rest until everyone has a limit on board, and he directs his boat accordingly. Fishing is all about the passengers safety and satisfaction.


Doug caters to a wide array of fishermen from professional athletes, actors, lawyers and enjoys every minute of it. You could sit for hours and listen to interesting stories that Doug has about trips and interesting situations on the water, but why not book a trip and come enjoy for yourself! 


He is looking forward to sharing his passion and knowledge of fishing with you. So no matter if you want to do a quick crab charter or run all day for feisty albacore tuna, he's ready to provide a trip of a lifetime.



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